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We have been growing sod in Southern Oregon since 2002. Our seed blends have been altered over time to fit our local climate. Wholesale as well as retail customers are welcome. We deliver and offer farm pick up hours to accommodate any budget or project. Seed blends are available in 5lb and 50lb bags. We can answer any of your questions about availability, measurements, installation, pricing, and delivery. We will gladly assist you in planning your new lawn.

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Why Turf?
Sod is turf that is grown commercially, cut into strips, and lifted intact along with a thin layer of soil held together by runners, roots or netting. It can be used to plant an entire lawn or to repair bare spots in an established lawn.

One advantage of sod is that it can be installed in places where a seed lawn may be difficult to establish, such as a heavily trafficked area or a slope that erodes easily. Another advantage is that it usually does not take a great deal of care to establish.

In addition, a sod lawn looks finished immediately, and can be functional in as little as three weeks (versus two months to two years with other planting methods), although there should be some restraint on its use until its roots have knitted properly with the soil beneath.

We will gladly assist you in planning your new lawn. We can answer any of your questions about measurement, installation, pricing and delivery.

Frontier Rye 3-Way Blend
Provides excellent durability, fine texture, and great wear tolerance. Traffic and disease resistant.

Black Beauty Tall Fescue 3-Way Blend
Has a waxy coating that decreases moisture evaporation, is more disease resistant, and stays greener in harsh climate.

Sod Dimensions
All Dinsdale sod is harvested in convenient rolls of 2’X5′ (10 sqare feet per roll). This makes our sod easy to handle and weighing about 30+ lbs. each, depending on the time of year.

How Long Will It Take Me To Install?
On average, 2 people can lay a pallet of sod (500 sq. ft.) in about one hour. Less time is required for large, flat areas and more time is required for areas where the sod must be carried long distances or cut to fit around objects.

How Do I Know How Much Turf I Need?
Use any of the following formulas to meet your design or layout. Measure the area where you plan to lay your sod. It may be helpful to sketch your lawn area and to write down the actual measurements. This helps to make sure all areas are accounted for. For calculating square footage, use the formulas on this page. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to add up to 5% to compensate for measuring and estimation errors.

• For rectangular areas, multiply the length by the width
• For circular areas, square the radius and multiply it by 3.14. The radius is half of the widest part of the circle.

• For a triangular area, multiply the base by the height.

You can combine these calculations to form just about any shape to match the layout of your lawn and get an accurate measurement for how much sod you need.

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We offer our premium seeds for purchase in 5 lb bags. Click here to buy and get them shipped straight to your home.

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