About Us

Situated in the heart of Southern Oregon’s beautiful Rogue Valley, our business is growing!

Farming isn’t a job–it’s a way of life, and for five generations we’ve lived that life in Oregon. The horse-drawn plows of our ancestors have since been replaced by cutting-edge machinery, but the Dinsdale family’s dedication, grit, and craftsman approach to agriculture has remained the same. From generation to generation, we’ve maintained our commitment to quality and our understanding of the effort required to ensure that every bale of hay, every roll of turf, and every cluster of grapes we produce meets the highest Dinsdale standards. We’re proud of where we’re from, what we do, and how we do it. That’s our way of life.

We provide landscapers and homeowners with premium turf that flourishes in our climate, keeping lawns and playing fields GREENER, requiring less water and maintenance. We also have Pumpkins and Winegrapes for sale seasonally. Our 1,000 acre farm provides sustainable agriculture products and is a seasonal home to over 300 pairs of cattle from Central Oregon.